Literal nightmare fuel 🐀 #PersonalInjuryCourt #CourtShow #Shorts #Rats

Literal nightmare fuel 🐀 #PersonalInjuryCourt #CourtShow #Shorts #Rats

The Jury Is Never Told About Insurance In A Florida Personal Injury Trial

Plaintiffs seeking justice by way of trial participate in a system that is rigged against them here in Florida. Jurors are left to wonder who is paying for the defendant’s attorney. They often remain ignorant to the fact that the insurance carrier is footing the entire bill and the conduct of the very same insurance carrier is prohibited from being discussed and is grounds for a mistrial.

Injured On the Job? Information About Personal Contractor Status

It’s not entirely uncommon for an employer to inform a recently injured employee that workers compensation does not apply due to independent contractor status. But how reliable is this claim? Are you really an independent contractor? Here are some of the ways that some states view accidents that happen on the job – and whether or not you can collect compensation.

Accidental Injury: When To Call An Attorney

Accidental injury can occur in the workplace, at a hospital, or even on the highway. An attorney can help the injured party gain a fair settlement and obtain financial stability.

Injuries At School: Lawyers’ Tips For A Successful Case

When it comes to injuries that occur on school grounds, it is important to quickly establish the facts. Lawyers will need all the details in order to make a successful case.

Have You Ever Been Physically Hurt Due To Other Person Inconsideration?

Have you ever been physically hurt due to other person inconsideration? I know I have, and it usually happens out of nowhere, completely unexpected! If this has happened to you, there is a possibility you can have a compensation for the pain and the suffering that were caused by the injury. The question is where to start? How do you get a hold of this compensation? I have set aside some useful tips for you when filing a personal injury claim.