Lethal Workout Worth $200,000 | Personal Injury Court

Lethal Workout Worth $200,000 | Personal Injury Court

Calculating Future Medical Costs – Maximize Your Client’s Personal Injury Spine Claim

Future medical cost calculations are a piece of the pie that is repeatedly left out of settlement offers and awarded settlements. The reality is that no one has a crystal ball or the ability to predict for certain which clients will need minor or major medical and or surgical intervention after their current injuries are managed or “fixed”.

Role of Insurance Lawyers in Your Legal Battle

Accidents can happen to anybody, anytime. In case of personal injury or disability, the plaintiff may require immediate medical intervention.

Common Holiday Sickness to Be Aware of

Planning a family vacation to another country is such an exciting experience. Everyone is looking forward to exploring new sights, soaking up some history and culture and seeing a new country for the first time. Unfortunately there are times when things can go wrong and holiday sickness strikes without warning.

Legal Representation For A Dog Bite

Dog lovers in the past few years have been choosing such dog breeds as pit bulls, hybrid wolf breeds and rottweilers more and more frequently. These breeds can be prone to bite. and this is one of the reasons there are so many dog attacks each year in the United States. Many people want these dogs for protection of their property and their families. As “bad breeds” become more popular, and are more in the mainstream, more and more dog attacks and dog maulings occur.

You Might Be Surprised About Your Personal Injury Claim Value

It can be quite a shock to realize that a personal injury claim settlement offer from the insurance company may not be enough to deal with all of the issues facing you. Settling too quickly on your own with the insurance adjuster can cost you thousands of dollars that you may be entitled to. You may have no idea of the future medical bills you may encounter as a result of this accident.