Lauren Kanarek Recalls Michael Barisone Shooting with Full 911 Call

Lauren Kanarek Recalls Michael Barisone Shooting with Full 911 Call

How To Review What Went Well and What Went Badly In Your Small Business in the Past Year

Most business owners spend their days putting out fires and wearing all the hats in their business. It will be worth it for you to take the time, at least once a year, to clean out what isn’t working and think of how to do things differently to make more money. If you don’t change things, nothing in your business will change.

10 Essential Time Management Tips For Small Businesses

When you’re a small business owner, there isn’t a minute to spare! You no doubt have a long list of things to do and not enough time to do them all. You have to decide how many employees to hire (and then manage these employees), market your business, and a million other little details. This is why it is so important to make the most of the time you have, by managing your time efficiently.

Does Your Medical Practice Demonstrate a Culture of Collection?

Medical practices are collecting more of their balances upfront due to high deductible plans, uninsured and under insured patients. Lax billing and collection practices can swell a set of accounts receivable (A/R) books to an unmanageable level, severely impacting cash flow.

How to Help a Client Reduce Resistance to a Change in Fees or Your Service Offering

How to overcome resistance from an existing client when you want to increase your fees. Why creating packages increases profitability and is a win:win for you and the client.

What’s Important When You Are Pitching Your Business to an Investor or a Customer

You will need to “pitch” your business to others all the time. Pitching means getting other people excited about your business. The concept is usually discussed in terms of getting venture capital for your company but you need to realize that you will be pitching your company to other people even if you never seek venture capital.