Kim Blandino Live On Law Talk With Mike!

Kim Blandino Live On Law Talk With Mike!

Small Business Secret: A New Way To Accept Credit Cards

Shhhh, here’s a small business secret for accepting credit cards you need to know about because… “We no longer take cash.” Those were the words I heard from a flight attendant on a business trip a few weeks ago.

Accounts Receivable Collection Calls Made Easy

In most small businesses the person who is responsible for making collection calls is not a full-time professional collector but is someone with other significant responsibilities – a bookkeeper, salesperson or even the business owner. Here are some tips for making effective collection calls while maintaining good customer relationships.

6 Reasons You’re Not Getting Paid and How to Fix Them

You sent your customer an invoice. The due date has come and gone but you haven’t been paid. What you do next depends on the reason you never received payment. It is important to have a standard process for collections, but different situations call for different tactics.

40 Questions Every Business Owner Should Ask Themselves

Is your business where you want it to be? If not these questions are for you. Take the 40 Question Challenge.

Tips for Sales Success for Small Businesses

Sales are a necessary part of being in business. Without them you won’t be in business for very long.