Kim Blandino #21 Rebuttal Freak Out!

Kim Blandino #21 Rebuttal Freak Out!

So You Have Decided to Sell Your Business – What Options Do You Have?

When you decide to sell your Business you only have 2 options. You can either hire a Business Broker at a commission, or you can sell it privately and save on the commission.

Businesses Have to Avoid Making ERP Mistakes

Most entrepreneurs today now know the significance of having a decent ERP software or framework. With this system, certain procedures can be streamlined inside the organization, sparing entrepreneurs time and expenses.

There Is a Time and Place for Everything in a Small Business Including Overtime Pay

While there are many challenges facing small business owners and operators each and every day, typically when I ask them what challenges seem to rank near or at the top of their list, they usually report that not finishing projects on time or not delivering products and services to customers on time are the most frustrating. It is easy to understand why. When a delivery to a customer is late, then payment for the product or products will usually be late.

Why Documenting Business Processes Are Important

I think there are two topics that make anyone cringe. The first is taxes (shudder), and the second is structure and by structure I mean establishing documents that detail the processes we use to do what we do.

How ERP Systems Are Transforming the Course of Small Businesses

This article emphasises importance of an ERP solution for small businesses and the features to consider while proceeding with the task of ERP software development. Gone are the days when small businesses need to cope with multiple barriers to growth. Advent of the Internet has come with a range of things for smaller and mid-scale enterprises.