Kim Blandino #19 Finishing Testimony

Kim Blandino #19 Finishing Testimony

Restorative Cleaning: Bring Carpets Back to Life

It’s advisable to offer your customers preventative cleaning packages that they can implement making your job easier and their space looking great. Preventative cleaning will absolutely help in restoring carpets raising the value of your customer’s properties.

Top 5 Problems Facing Startups Today

Startups are emerging everywhere these days. Today, startups area flooding the entire marketplace and everywhere, students are even advised in schools and other educational institutions not to look forward to graduating and eventually looking for a job, but rather to work as much as possible while in school to make names for themselves by investing their time in startups and business innovations.

Don’t Spend Your Time Watching The Ground Come Up At You

What to do when you have overwhelming problems in your small business. It is easy to do. Wallow in self pity. Be depressed about your situation. But it is certainly not constructive. Spending your time worrying about what is going to happen will not do anybody any good.

Business Financing Strategies – Proof of Product

For individuals that aspire to start a business or even for those that are in the early stages of business operations, one of the key components for attracting investors or obtaining traditional credit via a bank loan is offering a product and / or service with sustainable demand. Warren Buffet talks much about one of his priority criterion for business investment is the sustainable demand derived from a company’s “competitive advantage. How does this translate in a practical way to start-up and early stage businesses?

18 Easy Tips to Start Your Business

Starting a business can be a daunting task. Where do you begin? I’m sharing some of my best tips on beginning a business that works for you.