Kevin Eastman Found Guilty For Murders of Ex-Girlfriend and Her Lover

Kevin Eastman Found Guilty For Murders of Ex-Girlfriend and Her Lover

A Real Lesson in Salesmanship

Many years ago I tried my hand as a home improvement salesman. As a member of the sales team, I was sent out to visit home owners, to deliver scripted sales pitches from which we were not allowed to deviate. Hopefully salesmanship has moved on from the days of scripted sales pitches and hard nose closing (unless you know differently)? In other ways salesmanship has gone back to basics. The other days I was reminded of a valuable lesson in salesmanship, that disarms the prospects and puts you (as the sales rep) firmly in the driving seat. As you will find as you read on, a certain and very specific form of communication is the key!

Giving More For Less

Business owners, sales people, coaches, teachers and anyone, in any profession, could benefit from giving more for less. Most importantly, you, in your own personal life, can benefit from giving more for less. Think about the advantages someone has when they employ this strategy. First off, it’s just a totally cool way to conduct business… and I mean any business…

As A Small Business Owner You Should See Your New Website As An Investment!

When you are looking to employ a web designer for your new website, you need to consider several factors. Don’t just choose a web designer based on cost alone, like most small business owners do. You may not have a huge budget to spend on having a website designed for your business, but think of it as an investment and not simply as a cost.

So, What Is a Strategy Anyway?

At its core, a strategy is nothing more than a plan to achieve your business goals. Of course, this definition of a strategy assumes that a company has established its business goals. All too often, that’s not the case. Senior managers often get so busy working in the business that they don’t get around to working on the business. They have never taken the time to write down their goals thoughtfully. Consequently, the first key to an effective strategy is to make the time to think through your goals and write them down. Once the company has written goals, the management team must put an actionable plan in place to achieve the goals.

How Do I Get Them to Execute? Removing Roadblocks

When diagnosing performance issues, there are typically five reasons why employees miss the mark. This article will address the second cause: roadblocks. Roadblocks include things (policies, practices, tools and sometimes personal behaviors) that keep your employees from performing their work in the most productive fashion.