Karen in 36th District Court!

Karen in 36th District Court!

Efficiency – How To Make More Money In Half The Time

If you want to make more money in your business, you need to prioritize your tasks – because not all tasks are created equal. Learn what it takes to spend less time, but make more money by transforming your business into an efficient, high value machine.

A Profitable Small Business – A Great Business Idea When All You Have Is A Computer And Internet

Most Americans aren’t making enough money in their business. The old way of advertising and marketing no longer works. What can you do to make more money in your business? Share your expertise online. You are already an expert with experienced knowledge others want to know. Using the internet, you can get customers globally and increase sales.

Effectiveness – The Greatest Word In Small Business Leadership

Effectiveness is the greatest word in a small business. This is because it defines the role of a small business owner, and helps drive the business to achieve its vision. Learn what it takes to become more effective and usher your small business into the realms of greatness.

Four Practical Ideas to Convert Your Business From Offline To Online

If walls could talk, what would they say about your business? Would they say, “Gee, her business could use some more customers!”? If so, this article is for you. What you know regarding your expertise can be transformed into money. By sharing your expertise and turning it into a step-by-step process or system via a coaching program and information products you can be capturing a new global market. Before you say, ‘That can’t possibly work for me!’ remember, your walls are listening…

Micro Firms Office Suites and Managed Office Space – The Way Forward for Small Businesses

First impressions count when you are in business and having the facility of a luxurious reception and meeting or board room can guarantee your potential, and existing customers will feel confident they are using someone who cares and wants more. Anyone in business will tell you that this all comes at a high price tag. Well think again! Enter the managed work space and business clustering!