Jury Selection for Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz's Sentencing Phase Begins

Jury Selection for Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz’s Sentencing Phase Begins

Tax HELP For Independent Contractors

Self-employed people who want to maximize their income tax deductions would do well to remember the acronym HELP at tax time. It stands for Home Office + Equipment + Logbook + Postage, four of the best ways for independent contractors to reduce their taxable income.

How to Retire Without Selling 100% of Your Business

Recapitalizations are becoming more popular for owners of closely held businesses as an alternative to selling 100% of the company. Owners can achieve liquidity for retirement while accomplishing the goal of succeeding the business to a family or management team member.

6 Tips to Help Maintain the Positive Business Credit Rating

A business credit report is a critical issue when it relates to accessing the finances and determining whether it is possible to get credit from the bank or suppliers. A well maintained credit record is certain to make it easier to grow the business in the future.

What Stops You From Achieving Business Growth?

Discover a common yet overlooked barrier to business growth and how to turn it around by changing your thinking. Identify and drop the resistance that is holding you back so you can aim high and achieve your most ambitious goals.

Booklet Tips – Customize Every Offer

Imagine customizing every tips booklet offer you make whether it’s single copy orders or bulk orders. Maybe that sent chills up your spine merely thinking about it, wondering how it’s even possible. You are likely to be surprised by not only how simple it can be, but that the results go a long way to attracting and retaining clients for booklets and everything else you offer in your business.