Jury Asks Question in Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard Defamation Trial

Jury Asks Question in Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard Defamation Trial

“Commitment” or “To Do” and the Difference Between Them

When creating your “action list”, “success list”, “to do list” – whatever you happen to call it – do you differentiate between things you want/need to do and things you’ve committed to? There’s a very real difference, one which if you don’t pay attention, could affect your business in the long term. Items on your “to do” list: These are things which you’ve chosen (or feel the need) to do: writing a blog post, article marketing, creating a new program, partnering with a mentor, reviewing your metrics and financials.

Get the Very Best Service, Security and Peace of Mind

Unless you live in a densely packed metropolitan market, it is not common knowledge that a homeowners association is actually a corporation formed by the developer of the property, which is almost always a residential building, as a means to have a common denominator when it comes to providing a variety of services to the building and its occupants. They are standard features in small or large residential buildings in such metropolitan areas as New York City, but can exist almost anywhere across the United States. All of the members of the homeowners association who typically are the actual owners…

Restroom Trailers

Clean, hygienic restrooms are essential everywhere – in homes, commercial buildings, industrial concerns and construction sites. Not only do they help keep the surroundings clean and free of toxic wastes, they also keep individuals healthy and free of germs.

How Not To Price Your Work – And Five Solutions

Pricing is one of those areas that creatives, and design businesses can find tricky. At its best, pricing fits with your overall brand image and helps get you well-paying work. At its worst, pricing is set low due to nervousness or lack of ideas on how to differentiate yourself from similar businesses. Here I share with you some typical examples of less helpful ways to set your pricing, and then give you five ideas for more fruitful methods.

The Sports Event Every Small Business Owner Should Watch

If you own and operate any kind of small business, then there is one sporting event you may want to watch. What is it? And why should you watch it? Read this short article to get the details.