Judge Scolds Defense Attorney Over Questioning of Shooting Victim

Judge Scolds Defense Attorney Over Questioning of Shooting Victim

Booklet Tips – Gift of Gratitude

Expressing gratitude is a simple yet powerful gesture whether you extend that to your clients, colleagues, mentors, family, or friends, or you privately go inward and acknowledge to yourself how great it is to have all the experiences and things you have in your life. Although certain times of the year are designated for it, you certainly can offer your gratitude at any time and in various ways.

Starting a Minority Owned Business

Starting a business involves planning, making financial decisions and completing legal activities; minority business owners also face challenges accessing capital, marketing and resources. However, in recent years thanks to the Minority Business Development Agency, it’s now possible for minorities to become successful entrepreneurs. The minority business development agency mission is to assist minorities.

Booklet Tips – Repeat and Then Repeat

You rarely fully learn something the first time you’re introduced to it. The same is true for people coming to you for your expertise. Whatever concern you have about repeating the information you are teaching is not only unfounded; the concern is counterproductive to what you intend to accomplish of helping people improve their life in some way.

6 Online Resources to Streamline Tedious Business Tasks

According to a survey of 1,200 people by Office Time, the number one time waste for entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers and professionals is email, with meetings being a close second. You may not be able to completely eliminate tedious duties in your day-to-day work, but there are online resources to help expedite some of your most time-consuming business tasks. From project management to accounting, these online services have your business covered.

Do You Really Care About Your Small Business? Work On It!

It often amazes me how passionate small business owners are about their business yet how little time they set aside to work on improving the overall business and their wellbeing. Small business owners MUST devote time to assessing their business and planning for the future – or, as statistics prove, they will not survive.