Judge Refuses to Strike Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Defamation Claims

Judge Refuses to Strike Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Defamation Claims

Mentors – Free Small Business Consulting

One of the best ways to start and grow a small business is to get expert advice. I’m not referring here to paid consultants, a luxury that most early stage and small companies can’t afford. (When you can afford the right ones, by the way, they can be an excellent investment.) Instead, I’m referring here to getting a mentor of one kind or another.

Attract Sponsors and Advertisers

While many people see spending advertising and sponsorships as ways to gain more customers, they are often more valuable as opportunities to offer to others to gain cost reductions. Small business owners need to do more in this area to fully prosper.

Is Your Hobby Really a Business?

Do you think your ‘hobby’ is not really a business and therefore no tax or legal compliance is necessary? It seems a lot of people believe they are not really running a business just because they make little money from their hobby. Are you able to tell if your hobby is really a business?

Impact of SME Green Practices on the Local Community

The majority of business literature on firms going green is geared toward large organizations. However, 90% of all organizations worldwide are small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that collectively play a major role in the world economy and have the ability to greatly impact the local economy and community. While individually SMEs have little impact on the environment the large number of SMEs worldwide ensures that the collective impact is massive.

Business Coach Advises It’s Not “Business for the Sake of Business”

Business coach will most certainly advise that before anyone commences the business venture it will be wise to formulate business expectations. Your business coach may call it performance and expectancy agreement between you and your business.