Judge Officially Hands Depp v. Heard Case Over to Jury

Judge Officially Hands Depp v. Heard Case Over to Jury

What’s the Business Cost of Your Assumptions?

About 90 minutes later (before I responded), I received another email. This one changing the refund policy from “cancel anytime” to “you must commit to the end” and “please let me know what you decide”.

Your Website: A Virtual Reception Area to Welcome Your Clients

Small business owners and consultants are often confused by web design. They think they want an online brochure. What they really want is a virtual reception area that welcomes clients and makes them familiar with the business. Thinking about the contexts in which they actually do business will help consultants work with a designer to create a web site that works.

Is Your Portable Sawmill Ready For High Production Sawing?

If you own a portable sawmill and want it to be as efficient as possible, you need to get it ready for high production sawing. You might think that it’s perfectly fine now. However, there are a lot of adjustments that are fairly easy to make and can increase your productivity by quite a bit over time. In fact, some of the easy adjustments that you can make to your portable sawmill may even save you repair time and money.

10 Good Reasons Why Small Enterprises (Small Businesses) Fail

This article not only lists the ten good reasons why small businesses fail but also lists reasons why some firms remain to be small throughout their operating life. Some of the causes of failure is poor management, lack of commitment…

Bright Shiny Objects Vs Opportunities

As a small business owner, everywhere you turn there’s something else to do. Whether on your own or with a team, there’s still so many hats to wear. When something “pops up”, how do you know if it’s an opportunity to take advantage of or yet another “bright shiny object” intent on distracting you from your revenue-producing projects? The easiest way I’ve found is to look at each situation and ask these questions…