Judge In Roman Polanski's Child Sex Case Broke Sentencing Promise, New Evidence Reveals

Judge In Roman Polanski’s Child Sex Case Broke Sentencing Promise, New Evidence Reveals

Why Other Small Businesses Fail

It’s a well-known fact that small businesses are essential players in the economy; however, quite a strong percentage of small businesses cannot survive beyond five years after start up. Small businesses make up the vast majority of employers and are major creators of new jobs. But a large proportion of new small businesses are not expected to go past their second year. You can’t help but ask: why do these small businesses fail?

Start Your Own Cleaning Service Company

You would probably be quite amazed at the amount of money cleaning services make. Starting a small cleaning business might be just your ticket to financial success. If you like to clean, you could get started for a very small amount of money. For instance, you would want a vacuum cleaner and some basic supplies as well as some marketing money for flyers and business cards. Word of mouth might just get you a lot of business as many people are looking for honest, trustworthy house cleaners.

A Commercial Carpet Maintenance Program Starts Outside

Sounds crazy – starting your commercial carpet maintenance program outside the building! Well, think about it – where does most of the soil that enters the building come from? Outside from the parking lot, the sidewalk, the parking garage etc. I don’t really count commercial kitchens as that is another story in itself.

Managing Cash Flow for Small Businesses

Maintaining good cash flow is vital for any small businesses. To really understand its role, think of cash on hand as a small business’ vital fluids- the more cash on hand it has, the more ‘liquid’ a small business becomes. A favorable liquidity level means the business is able to settle the current portion of its obligations when they become due, thus allowing for smoother operations. Good cash flow simply means the business is able to maintain adequate cash on hand.

How To Easily Take Time Off From Your Business

As a good business coach and mentor it’s important for me to make sure you understand the importance of taking breaks that leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated as an individual. Without this kind of personal fulfillment, your ability to constantly attract new clients will fade and your business success will be at risk.