Jonny Depp v  Amber Heard

Jonny Depp v Amber Heard

What Are the First Steps to Starting Your Own Business?

Sometimes you have an idea for a new product; sometimes you want to quit your corporate job and strike out on your own. Before you take too many expensive actions to start a business, research what you need to know before you start-up.

Why Is an Ounce of Prevention So Heavy?

But what’s so sad is that all this could have been avoided for just pennies if she put a system in place to document her employees’ schedules and wages. There’s the difference between ‘an ounce of prevention’ and the ‘pound of cure’. If the difference is so obvious why did it not get done in advance? For the same reasons many business owners don’t plan:

What Are the Key Factors in Building a Client Base?

First, you should stop calling it a client base, they represent your entire business. Remember the last time you entered your email address to a website? Why did you do it? Was it because the author talked about him and his product a lot? OR was it because he or she had something you wanted? Online entrepreneurs with crazy subscriber lists see their client base as their own family and when one of them unsubscribes from their list they tell “I’m sorry BUT we wish YOU the best”. See how a simple message about leaving their network is still about you? Let’s dive in!

Booklet Tips – Why Buy Your Booklet

What makes someone buy your tips booklet? Until you not only know the answer to that and you also address it in everything that you do, you could have spent your time on more worthy endeavors than creating a tips booklet. While that sounds a bit harsh, let’s see what’s behind that point of view.

Finding Clients for Your VA Business

What’s the number one question I get asked? Hands down… it’s “How do I find clients?” We build the business, we determine the rates and services, we finish the website, we network… and yet we still don’t know where to find clients.