Johnny Depp's Witness Calls Amber Heard's Q Scores 'Horrible'

Johnny Depp’s Witness Calls Amber Heard’s Q Scores ‘Horrible’

Salon Supplies – How They Better Your Business

Is your salon losing customers? Are newer businesses beating you out? Competition is good until it runs down your business. If this is happening to you maybe, you need to upgrade. You need to take the initiative to give your salon the look and feel that will give others something to compete with.

Shipping by Train Costs

Shipping by rail is complex and requires more than simply getting a rate from the railroad. This article helps shippers calculate the true cost rail shipping.

Online Marketing for Small and Medium Enterprises

Email marketing today is an extremely powerful and marketing tool for creating awareness regarding a company and its business. This is very ideal for customer relationship building as well. If well organized and efficiently performed, this online marketing process can prove to be a blessing for the SMEs and actually broaden their reach throughout the world. Online marketing has proven to be highly effective when it comes to all types of products and services.

Preserve The Past – Gracefully!

It happens all the time. A prized family heirloom falls from the mantle top and gets damaged. Or the new maid inadvertently drops a sentimental possession from the fireplace.

Joint Venture Agreements: Their Use and Requirements

Despite the confusion, you do not have to be an 8(a), SDVOSB, HUBZone or Woman Owned small business to initiate the formation of a joint venture. A joint venture is a business entity formed between two or more individuals or entities for a limited purpose (SBA definition) to pursue specific contracts over a limited period. The categories in the first sentence refer to status of a small business and while they may make a specific joint venture more preferable in a given procurement, are not necessarily required. For the purposes of this article, with one exception for the mentor protege program, you simply need to be a small business to contemplate a joint venture.