Johnny Depp's Upcoming Trial, Inmate Bribed to Kill Ghislaine Maxwell, Nipsey Hussle Murder Trial

Johnny Depp’s Upcoming Trial, Inmate Bribed to Kill Ghislaine Maxwell, Nipsey Hussle Murder Trial

Small Business Opportunities Ideas

Generating small business opportunities ideas should reflect your interests and what you enjoy doing. Your decision to start a business should take into account location, marketing, capitol, and profit.

Do You Have A Lead Capture Page?

I was conducting a marketing seminar a couple of years ago and I asked the question, “how many people know exactly who is visiting their website?” I remember one lady as she chimed in saying “I have Google Analytics so yes, I know exactly how many hits I have and where they come from.” After congratulating her on having the tracking statistics I went on to explain that knowing the number of ‘hits’ was of absolutely no use if she wasn’t capturing the visitors or prospects’ email information and name. This is the only way she is able to develop a list of people who are interested in her product, and to continue to market to them. It’s one of the most basic strategies for successful online marketing, yet one I still see so many people not using.

Expense Vs Depreciation – Small Business Accounting

Many Small Business Owners become stuck in the mindset that anything they purchases is an expense and is able to be written off against income. Whilst it is usually true that any item purchased that is used by the business to carry out the activity of generating income can be written against income to help lessen the burden of income tax, many small business owners find themselves stuck when they discover that their purchase is something they can only depreciate, thus only a portion of the cost can immediately be used to offset income.

What Is an RFP (Request For Proposal) Anyhow? And Should I Even Care About Them?

For many small businesses, a Request For Proposal from a government agency seems like a scary and daunting proposition. Do you really want to spend that much time and effort putting together a response? Is it worth it?

Analysis of Key Performance Indicators in Small Business

There is an adage that says “what gets measured, gets done.” It means regular measurement and reporting keeps you focused upon the strategic goals your firm has set. If you’ve followed the planning process suggested in the Cogent Strategy Handbook, you’ve crafted and defined Mission, Values, and Vision, created a strategic plan, and created a budget that is in accordance with the strategic plan. Now, as you shift into executing the actions needed to arrive at your strategic goals, you need to be able to measure progress.