Johnny Depp's Team Rests Their Case in the Defamation Trial (L&C Daily)

Johnny Depp’s Team Rests Their Case in the Defamation Trial (L&C Daily)

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To Rent or Not to Rent Your Kitchen Equipment

For anyone starting a food business, kitchen equipment is one of the biggest expenses. When you buy too much equipment too soon, you will blow up your start-up budget and may not have enough left for the other necessities. Leasing or renting equipment is always a great solution to your budget woes so read on to learn more about how you can equip your business without going over your budget.

The Cost of Owning a Website

The cost of owning a website can be tricky to figure out. It may seem that there are so many things and different ways to bundle them, but what exactly is needed and what does it cost? The short answer is: it depends. The four main items that are needed are a web host, domain name, website, and maintenance.

Thinking About Starting a House Cleaning Business? Here Are Five Great Reasons Why You Should

Residential cleaning business markets are booming, even in today’s slow economy. This makes starting your own business an attractive proposition. If you’ve never thought about owning a house cleaning business, here are a few very good reasons that you should consider it.

Using LinkedIn As an Alternative Advertising Platform for Your Dog Business

When trying to advertise your dog business using social media or social networking sites, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity that only LinkedIn could provide. If you are not using or not familiar with it yet, LinkedIn is a social networking site designed for professionals. It is a place where individuals or professionals form groups and networks relevant to a certain industry or interest. A lot of companies and businessmen also use the site for business advertising including the possible search of employees or job applicants. There are several advantages or benefits of using LinkedIn for your dog business from advertising, sales lead generation, up to business networking.