Johnny Depp's Team Presents Closing Arguments in Defamation Trial (Depp v. Heard)

Johnny Depp’s Team Presents Closing Arguments in Defamation Trial (Depp v. Heard)

The War for Financial Talent Including CFOs

What are CFOs thinking about as we enter a new year and head into a period of recovery? Not surprisingly, they are thinking about how to strategically structure their companies to succeed in the short and long term. They’re also thinking about the risks and obstacles their companies may encounter on their way to achieving their strategic objectives.

Are City Sewer Hook Up Fees Killing Small Business Start-Ups In Your Town Too?

Not long ago, I was talking to a gentleman who wanted to start a car wash in a small suburban city that had just gone through some major sewer treatment upgrades in the last five years. Because of this and in order to comply with EPA mandates, the city spent millions of dollars that they didn’t quite have. This is quite common as upgrades are required, and city governments must pass on those costs to the users, often in sewer hookup fees for new businesses, or new housing tracts.

9 Things California Small Business Entrepreneurs Need To Know About Cutting Your Gas Bill In Half

Warren Buffet is calling the roll-out of the deregulation of energy the “largest transfer of wealth in history”, and it is underway right this moment. The same way the Telecom industry was deregulated in the early 90’s, the suppliers of your natural gas are no longer a one-man show. Bottom line? Cost savings and consumer choice.

How Retailers Benefit From Using Promotional Tote Bags?

People are becoming more aware of their contribution to the environmental degradation. Many are people are participating in energy conservation and preserving the environment. They start conserving water and recycling non-biodegradable wastes, environmental conscious people are now doing their part in the restoration of our planet.

A Tiara for Your Business?

I remember a specific moment when I thought, “I can do anything I want.” It was a night back in 1972 and I had just been crowned the…