Johnny Depp’s Psychologist Explains Why She Thinks Amber Heard Exaggerated PTSD

Johnny Depp’s Psychologist Explains Why She Thinks Amber Heard Exaggerated PTSD

The Value Of Testimonials

A client testimonial is one of the best forms of no-cost advertising that a business owner can use. It lets a potential customer know what you have done for others and how you can help them solve their problems too. Nothing is stronger than a testimonial documenting a positive experience with your business leaving no room for doubt for your prospects.

Bookkeeping Tips for Small Business

You don’t need a CPA to keep good books for the business, but you do need a little know-how. Poor bookkeeping can cause a myriad of problems and significant losses, not to mention the potential for serious trouble with the IRS. If you own and operate a business here are a few tips to help keep the books straight and well organized.

Is Marketing For A Small Business Any Different To Marketing For A Big Business?

Marketing strategies used by small businesses need not necessarily be different from big business marketing. Finding what works can make all the difference between a thriving business or a failing one.

A New Way to Sell Your Business

When business owners want to sell their business, they either “go it alone” or hire a business broker. There are pros and cons to both methods. Recently, I came across a way that combines the two methods for selling your business. It might just make sense for your needs. A month ago, I wrote an article about selling your business at the right time. I received some questions regarding the subject. As I spoke to different people, I came across an idea that was very intriguing.

How To Start Making Money From Your Passions

Most self-made millionaires agree that the easiest way to get rich is to start making money from something you love to do. In fact, learning how to make money from your hobbies, pastimes and passions has to be one of the most satisfying and fulfilling ways to live your life. What could be better than leaping out of bed every morning and being paid to do something you love all day?