Johnny Depp's Lawyers Camille Vasquez & Ben Chew Pose For Pictures with Alpacas

Johnny Depp’s Lawyers Camille Vasquez & Ben Chew Pose For Pictures with Alpacas

Spread-Sheets and Project Planning

Spread-sheets- are the day-to-day bread and butter software and to reject them as management tools is at once ridiculous and self-defeating. Their classic role, as a tabular form of arithmetic data that can be added horizontally and vertically has important applications in any business, and its instant reprocessing following any change in the data allows managers and business owners to assess the impact of the day-to-say and longer term changes on their businesses.

Does A Template For Writing Your Small Business Plan Add Any Value?

The truth to be told: a template does force you into a specific structure. Having said that, this structure let’s you concentrate on the main part of your job which is filling the gabs in such a template. Besides this fact, a template offers further benefits, like proper performance measurement and reassurance that all main parts of a business plan are covered.

Top 5 Reasons to Have a Website for Your Business

So you have been thinking about a website for your business, but are not yet sure if you need one or not. This article covers the top 5 reasons we think it is important for all businesses, irrespective of size, to have a website.

Money From Woodworking – Do You Have What It Takes To Turn Your Woodworking Hobby Into A Business?

You enjoy woodworking as a hobby. But have you ever thought about making money with it? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. Here are three misconceptions that might have been holding you back. Let’s debunk them so you can build your thriving business!

Could Your Business Be Doing Better?

Is your business earning as much as it should? Are you measuring your results to find out? See how to improve.