Johnny Depp's Lawyer Testifies in Court About Depp's Career (Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Trial)

Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Testifies in Court About Depp’s Career (Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Trial)

How Cyber Security Affects My Business: 10 Solutions

With over 100 million registered domain names out there and the low cost of entry, the World Wide Web has entered into its gigantic operation. For example, billions of email messages are exchanged every day. No barriers to entry and low switching costs, have made the cyber arena a lucrative spot for malignant behaviors. Specifically, spammers, hackers, and “spiders” are growing concerns for all online businesses. There are lots of technical and fragmented information regarding cyber security, yet few (if any) has viewed it in a systematic way. Thus, this article is to introduce the essentials of cyber security to the business owners.

The First Stage Business Plan

When starting your business, especially if it is your first real go at it, you will often find that keeping a specific direction will be very hard without a specific and measurable plan to follow. Distractions will occur at least as often as the ideas you could come up with. And since it is very easy to deviate from plans that are not set, it is very important to make sure that you set some specific objectives for you to meet. Also make sure to consider the practical issues associated with the things you wish to achieve and then add some deadlines of course. Considering this, when drawing up your plan for the first stage of your business I would include as least the following..

Word of Mouth Marketing Has Changed for Small Businesses

Many small business owners claim “word of mouth” is their best form of marketing. Yet, “word of mouth” is often not spoken but rather typed through social media. Many small business owners are missing the boat in grasping this huge opportunity to promote their business.

Authentic Service Leads to New Clients – A Simple 2-Step Plan

Last week I was out for lunch with a friend in a local coastal town. We had decided to meet half-way between our homes and we didn’t have much idea of where to eat so we ended up checking out the typical tourist restaurants in the port area. It’s not so easy these days for me to go out and eat since I am following a pretty strict diet – no wheat and no dairy – add to the mix that I am vegetarian anyway and you can then appreciate the need for scanning the menus before making…

Why Keyword Research Is Critical In Niche Marketing

Keyword research is a critical first step in finding the right niche to target. While free tools can let you find profitable keywords, the process is cumbersome and repetitive. Keyword research tools like Market Samurai can simplify and speed up this process.