Johnny Depp's Lawyer Calls Out Mainstream Media For 'Manipulation' in Instagram Post

Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Calls Out Mainstream Media For ‘Manipulation’ in Instagram Post

How to Market Your Small Business on the Internet – Part III

Bringing traffic to your small business is one thing, but quality, targeted traffic is a whole other topic. In Part III of this series I am going to share a three step process you can use in your business to attract the kind of prospects that are interested in your product or service. Read on and find out more…

The Profit Leak Your Small Business Needs to Plug – Inventory

Any business that wants to increase cash flow needs to take a look at their inventory. By using sound inventory control methods, business owners can boost cash flow, increase profits and put the plug in profit leaks.

Performance Reviews – Are They Necessary?

When you are either in small business or thinking of opening a small business it is imperative to remember to give your employees feedback… every day. Performance reviews or staff evaluations are critical to your small business success. Every employee should know where he or she stands on what they need to work on and what they do well.

Great Idea to WOW Your Suppliers

When I blogged my earlier post on Suppliers, I received a great comment from Pierre Martell, the CEO of Martell Home Builders in Moncton, Canada, that I want to share with everyone. Their mission is to build customized homes in 99 days on budget. Their website is their primary selling tool.

US Embassies: An Out-Of-The-Box Entity to Help a Small Business

The Embassy is an out-of-the-box entity for a Small Business source. The United States has an embassy in almost every country in the world. You can go to the State Department website for a list of all the countries and the contacts there. My personal story in utilizing a U.S. Embassy was when I had my watch company and acquired a license for an Elvis Presley watch.