'Johnny Depp's Finger Injury Wasn't Caused By Vodka Bottle,' Heard's Expert Witness Claims

‘Johnny Depp’s Finger Injury Wasn’t Caused By Vodka Bottle,’ Heard’s Expert Witness Claims

3 Quick Tips to Improve Cashflow in Your Private Practice

Simple changes can drastically improve cashflow in your private practice. Whether you are a psychologist, social worker or counselor, these quick tips can improve your bottom line today.

Business Ideas Make Good Business

Ideas are the genesis of all things, seen and unseen. In the same way, business ideas are the genesis of all things business,  service and product.

It Takes Persistence!

Did you ever think it would be a ‘cake-walk’ to have your own business? I ask the question because many people think this way! “I’ll just start my own business, enjoy what I do, make money…

First Person: Our Small Business Was Too Far Ahead of the Times

Years ago, long before it became a commodity service, my husband and I recognized the value of providing off-site data backup for home and small business users. We both worked in the technology field and had seen the cost of storage go way down, and recognized we could offer the service at a low cost.

Jobless People Buying A Business

There is always a upside to everything, you know. Whatever is going bad, there is always a bright side of it, going good.