Johnny Depp's Attorney Grills Psychologist About Her Testimony

Johnny Depp’s Attorney Grills Psychologist About Her Testimony

How a Business Dashboard Can Help You Run Your Business Better

Imagine you only visited your business one morning per month to find out how things were and check progress towards your goals for the month, quarter or year. What measures would you need to have in place to ensure your business was on track in terms of current and future performance?

Business Relationships – A Lesson Learned In Building Relationships

If you are in business you will be either marketing through traditional methods or social media or both, either way you run the risk of saying something that people may not like, or choose to take offense at. Now some of these people may be clients, contacts that have opted into your list of even friends; either way there is an important rule in question here about building relationships. How to build relationships The way to build rapport and therefore relationship is to respect each others right to have their opinion and their model…

Making Type Cheap: Modern Printers

Literacy rates are vitally important, but have been so consistently high in the west that they are taken largely for granted. It has gotten to such an extent that there isn’t even an exhaustive approach taken to finding the literacy rate.

Codes Read

Every town or city, county or state has a long list of legislated do’s and don’ts to keep business owners from overtaking the landscape with outrageous signs and obnoxious banners, usually encapsulated in something called ‘codes’. Read this article, read your local codes, and learn how to make your establishment stand out. Outstanding idea!

Risks Involved in Oil Investing

If you are thinking about direct participation in an oil company as a way of investing your hard earned capital, it is important that you think through some of the risks. Unlike some other kinds of financial vehicles, direct participation in a gas or oil investment requires research, effort, wisdom and guts. Despite the risks and the quality of character you might need to succeed as an oil investor, direct participation can be extremely lucrative and transformative.