Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Defamation Trial-Opening Statement - Amber Heard’s Attorney

Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Defamation Trial-Opening Statement – Amber Heard’s Attorney

How To Overcome Unexpected Challenges

Most people consider me being super organized and always on top of things. I have systems in almost every area of my life, my to-do list is the first thing I look at every morning, my clients rave about me being always prepared for their appointments with me and even my kids know not to disturb mommy when she’s working on a project. Everything has its place and time. Emails, phone calls, family and business. But let me show you something you probably don’t know about. No matter how organized I am, unexpected still happens and even I have times when I need to improvise. Of course I deal with my unexpected stuff in a very organized way, and this is why I decided to give you couple tips to help you when you find yourself in such situation. Today I’m showing you how to overcome unexpected challenges and I’m making it as simple as 1, 2, 3…

Small Employers Can Offer Benefits Without Costing an Arm or a Leg

Small businesses are starting to look at alternative options to supply benefits for their employees. Some employers are afraid they will burden the cost themselves. However, persistent employers can find solutions and keep it affordable.

Booklet Tips – 10,000 Copies

Are your business model and your vision geared only toward single copy sales of your tips booklet? You are missing out on larger sales that are easier to make than you think, no matter what size business you have or who your market is.

If You Can Manage Your Life, Why Is “Time” Such a Headache?

Time management is a myth and a diversion; I know you know what really needs management for this relationship to work out in your favor. Self-management will get the job done if you focus on priorities and these 3 options: either dump, delay, or delegate all else. Once you’ve allocated properly to those categories, the 4th choice is ‘do’. In its purest form, it would consist of those activities that advance your big goals in an efficient, bang-for-the-buck way (and sometimes, a meandering way, but you get the point: forward!)

What Happens to Your Handshake Deal If One of the ‘Hands’ Is Promoted?

When you forge a relationship with an employee of another company in a position to secure a vital situation for your company, you now have an important client, partner or provider. So, if the person who shook your hand on that deal then gets promoted, fired, or just leaves, do you still have that contract sewed up or do you have to start over again with the next person who fills that slot? Even if it wasn’t a ‘handshake deal’ and you’ve got the purchase orders or agreement to prove it, you’re in trouble.