Johnny Depp Testifies On Intoxicated Plane Ride Argument with Amber Heard

Johnny Depp Testifies On Intoxicated Plane Ride Argument with Amber Heard

How to Defuse the Legal Time Bomb in Your Small Business

Old and active written legal agreements can contain time bombs that may permit other parties to take advantage of circumstances that have become more favorable to them over time. Learn how to diffuse these time bombs before they go off.

Why Are Business Websites Important

These days, clients are demanding more functionality and better results than what a simple website can offer. They want a website with business functionality that fulfils real business goals. Turn your website into an Online Business. We will partner with you to deliver a system that’s secure and fully hosted by Adobe, which means you can forget about installing patches, or updates – your site will update automatically giving you the time to focus on your business goals and not the technology behind it.

Use Craigslist to Figure Out Pricing For Your Rental

I have a two bedroom, one bath unit that’s about 1100 square feet. With hardwood floors, high ceiling, and lots of double-pane windows for light, it’s a nice place. The kitchen is large. It has a separate living and dining room. How much should I charge for rent? I asked my realtor this shortly after buying the property. He spouted off a short list of websites that he uses, most of which are membership sites that create high end market analysis for specific areas of the country. I was not going to join a website just to figure out how much to charge for my one unit. So I went back to my old trusty resource – Craigslist.

How to Avoid the Inevitable Decline If Growth Is Eluding You

If you’re not growing you’re dying, the saying goes, and in business whether you like it or not, standing still is disastrous. But what if you just don’t seem to be able to grow? We met with a business last week and growth is eluding them.

Small Business Legal Plans: Does My Small Business Really Need A Legal Plan?

When small businesses face legal issues, many don’t seek the council of a business attorney. When asked why they risk these legal obstacles without legal council, the leading answer is that it’s too costly. Today, many small businesses subscribe to a legal plan, which provides legal coverage for a wide array of services. And most are affordable, costing less than the price of a daily latte.