Johnny Depp Talks Writing On The Mirror in Lipstick

Johnny Depp Talks Writing On The Mirror in Lipstick

Bootstrapping Your Small Business’s Working Capital Needs For Free

How your business can finance its working capital needs without getting a business loan. And do it without any costs like interest or fees.

How to Get More Customers – Budget Marketing Idea

The question is, how do you show up on your customer’s radar so you are not ignored and filtered out? That’s the purpose of target marketing. Let me turn that phrase “upside down” in your thinking. Most gurus will tell you to find YOUR target market – YOUR ideal customer. I say to you – become your customer’s target.

Tips Booklets and Other Business Models

There are so many business models “out there’ that at least one of them is the best one for you for your tips booklet and your business. Changing what you are doing now in some way could mean new energy for you and your business. It may be a minor change or a major shift.

Transcription Services – Public Sourced or Outsourced Transcription

Transcription services had reduced a lot of burden from the side of multinational commercial companies. The labor and money they invest in the management of records of their deals, as a database is restricted to some level by selecting this method from trustworthy service providers. It is also a well-known fact that good transcribers are hard to find who assure quality work at affordable rates.

Tips for Efficient Client Meetings

Efficient client meetings will have clients returning for more sessions/services, which means more business for you! Read these important tips on how to conduct an efficient client meeting.