Johnny Depp Sued Amber Heard To Clear His Name Says Hollywood Insider

Johnny Depp Sued Amber Heard To Clear His Name Says Hollywood Insider

Starting a Small Business: Dreaming

There are many phases to starting your own small business. Lots of steps to go through to get from that initial idea to a fully functioning business. My husband and I are just beginning this journey, and as we do so, I want to walk you through the steps we are taking based on the advice and insight we’ve received from successful entrepreneurs and my years of business marketing experience.

How To Give A New Business Instant Credibility

The problem with starting a new business is that it’s a lot easier if the business is well established. Of course, that’s something of a contradiction… or is it?

Marketing Videos for Small Business: Hot Button Characters

I’m sure you realize the value of using video as a marketing tool for your business. But, do you know what the single, most important factor in video production is? Believe it or not, the most important factor is not the quality of the video production itself. And, it has nothing to do with lighting, acting, editing, sound, or any other production element. No, the most important factor in creating videos is the video script. You can produce the most effective video script possible to ensure that prospects who watch your video buy from you and not your competitors.

Business Systems Help Ensure Success

Creating the right business systems provides consistency, professionalism, and greater opportunities for success. Business systems also help ensure that your clients are receiving the same service from all employees.

Project Planning and Scheduling – The Process

What is project planning and scheduling? What basically goes into resource planning and management? what are the various steps involved in project resource planning?