Johnny Depp Rebuts Amber Heard's Case in Defamation Trial (Depp v. Heard)

Johnny Depp Rebuts Amber Heard’s Case in Defamation Trial (Depp v. Heard)

Blogging for Small Business

Blogs are an effective marketing tool for businesses. It gives small businesses the opportunity to have a big presence online with low costs. You do not need any complex coding, special skills or programming know how. You can reach out to more than three hundred million internet users. Most blogs today focus on information rather than promotions creating a more personal well-informed relationship with prospective customers. It helps to build trust with readers informing them about your products or services. Giving you a leading voice in the industry.

How To Create A Free Birthday Offer That Brings In Clients And Makes You Money – Part Two

In part one of “How To Create A Free Birthday Offer That Brings In Clients And Makes You Money” I showed you how offering a free gift which your client had to come to your store to redeem was a fantastic way to grow any business or service. In this article I want to take the strategy further and share with you four additional steps that you can use to perfect this strategy.

How To Write Blog Content That Puts Your Business Blog Ahead Of The Crowd (3 Hot Tips)

Without content that your target niche can instantly recognise as offering them instant access to solutions to their problems, your blog will not deliver on its promise. Most advice concentrates on cliche and run-of-the-mill suggestions. Your blog will only deliver on its promise if you focus on what your target niche wants to find on your blog – and that means focusing on the content that greets them when they arrive. Here a three hot tips for turning your blog into a resourece they recognise that they can’t do without.

How To Become A Pillar Of The Community, Grow Your Business And Make More Money!

One of the major stepping stones preventing people from attending your clinic or business in general is not so much a lack of trust in what you do – but rather a lack of trust in you. Prospective clients often have little or no idea about you as a person (they may have an inkling if they have been referred from someone) and to get them to put their money in your hands may require something to get them over this hesitation and doubt. In this article I will share with you several ways to do just that…

How To Create A Free Birthday Offer That Brings In Clients And Makes You Money

Everyone loves a great birthday offer – both the client who receives it and the businesses that give it. Done correctly, birthday gifts can help reactivate lost customers, encourage prospects to get started, upsell customers to new services and products and more. In fact, the choice of gift you decide to give and how you decide to use it is only limited by your imagination.