"Johnny Depp Pushed, Slapped, Slammed, and Kicked Me" Reports Amber to Psychologist

“Johnny Depp Pushed, Slapped, Slammed, and Kicked Me” Reports Amber to Psychologist

A Few Problems Facing Small Business Startups

It is a well established fact that most small business startups fail within the first two years. Why is this and what preparations can be made to avoid this pitfall? First of all is the shortage of startup capital.

How To Start Your Own Taxi Service – Choosing A Company Name

Choosing a company name ranks among the highest business decisions that you will make and requires a great deal of thought and consideration. Remember, in this world of growing and evolving technology, a company name that is internet Search Engine friendly will pay dividends when it comes to how and how easy a potential customer can find you. In this article I will explain some of the processes that I applied which could be adapted for other businesses not just Private Hire.

What is a Wash and Fold Laundry Service?

Wash & fold laundry service is a great convenient method of having your laundry done by professionals, and it is available almost everywhere. There are no special methods used when using a service like this, as there is with dry cleaning. The main advantage is that you can save the time and the hassle by having your laundry done by a professional.

Copywriting Professionals – 3 Tips to Working Effectively With Copywriting Professionals

Professional copywriters often do not receive the same treatment as other professionals by their clients. Do you know how to work effectively with a professional copywriter? Learn how today.

The 3 Foundations To Successfully Systemising Your Business

Before you begin documenting systems and processes in your business there are some things that you need to do to prepare for this. These activities provide the foundation for your systemisation journey and will give you a solid framework to document systems that you know your business needs and that will add value. Neglecting to do this important foundation work before you begin documenting systems will cause you to document things that you do in an ad hoc, hit and miss fashion, and worse still, you won’t be able to ever see the end of your systemisation journey, simply because you didn’t set your start point or your end point.