Johnny Depp Performs with Legendary Guitarist Jeff Beck in Surprise U.K. Concerts

Johnny Depp Performs with Legendary Guitarist Jeff Beck in Surprise U.K. Concerts

LLC Operating Agreement: The Basics

Wondering about the LLC Operating Agreement? Look no further! This Q&A-style article outlines the basics: what the Operating Agreement is, what information it should contain, and why it’s important for your LLC.

Business Insurance for Your Shop, Bar Restaurant or Cafe

Running a business is hard work, there are lots of things to consider. Insuring against risk is one of them.

Same Day Courier Service: How Same Day Courier Technology Can Boost Your Business

Same day courier service provision in the scheme of things is pretty new. Before the internet spread its net worldwide, back in the days before purchases were instant and electronic, we all accepted that ordering things was something that took time. First you had to order a brochure, then you browsed through it – finally, you rang the company up and waited on the phone for a few frustrating minutes at a time before placing the order. Looking back, it’s hard to believe that we all possessed such a degree of patience.

Multiple Offers to Maximize Selling Price

There is an often used strategy employed by business owners which goes something like think: ask a really high price for the business and buyers can always bid lower if they are interested. The reality is that multiple offers usually maximizes the price the business is sold for.

That Great Business Idea That You Just Had In The Shower

The conventional wisdom statistic is that 9 out of ten businesses fail. Whether it is true or otherwise is another fact. But, the point is, are you going to be counted amongst those who win?