Johnny Depp Lost $40M+ in Earnings From Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Says Examiner

Johnny Depp Lost $40M+ in Earnings From Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Says Examiner

Making a Trade Is Better Than Not Getting Paid, I Always Say

Not long ago, I was talking to a friend of mine who did some work for a costume company in a large city. Mostly what he did was help set up the display racks, storefront, lighting, and other miscellaneous handyman type tenant improvement projects. The company is hoping for more sales, that’s why they hired him in the first place, but those sales haven’t come in yet, and therefore they’ve been unable to pay. Well, what’s a smalltime contractor to do, they have to pay the bills too?

25 Effective Formats to Package Your Small Business Systems

Business systems are the reliable processes and procedures that empower your business to consistently produce an excellent result for your clients or customers. Here is a quick list of 25 potential formats for you to package your small business systems to make them easier and more effective for team members to use.

Small Business Coaching Advice: Scalable Solutions – Removing Barriers to Grow Your Business!

I would like to share some small business coaching advice, and share some scalable solutions. Scalable solutions are flexible. They remove barriers to growth and eradicate unnecessary constraints allowing you to build your business!

How Disadvantaged Individuals Should Sidestep The Dearth Of Company Control

While applying for the 8A certifications, it is mandatory to prove to the SBA that the company is managed and owned by a disadvantaged minority. Read on to know the most common business practices to avoid that imply lack of company control by any minority or a woman owner.

Running Your Business: Outsourcing: Leveraging Other Companies’ Systems and Teams

David Finkel shares how outsourcing can provide great leverage to build your business. One of the least understood tools available to grow a business is outsourcing. It allows you to expand capacity without having to: Formally hire large numbers of new staff; Invest in new capital equipment, leasing larger commercial space; and Invest in development costs for non-core parts of your business, increasing your fixed overhead.