Johnny Depp, Fat Texas Cops, and Mike Tyson | Coptales & Cocktails Podcast

Johnny Depp, Fat Texas Cops, and Mike Tyson | Coptales & Cocktails Podcast

What’s App? Apps Are King in Business

Many small businesses are beginning to neglect some of the most important markets sitting right in front of them. According to Nielsen over 60% of cell phone users own a smart phone, equating to millions of people in the US using a smart phone and apps on a daily basis. There is a common misconception in the business world that the only time that you need apps is when you are a large company or if you have an app based service to offer, however this is entirely untrue!

A Warning to Consumers and Small Business Owners: Avoid These 5 Provisions in a Finance Agreement

The five harshest provisions commonly found in financing agreements apply most often with a contract default. A borrower should avoid having these terms included within the contract if they can. If they cant, a solution is suggested on how to reduce the intended consequences of such provisions.

Things To Consider Before Investing Into An Online Business

The internet has become a place where so many people come out with new tricks and scams to enrich themselves at the expense of others. When an individual decides to join the internet marketing crowd, there are certain things that must be present before investing money into that business.

An 8(a) Certification Can Greatly Enhance a Firm’s Growth Rate!

This article demonstrates how 8a firms dominate the INC. Magazine’s 5,000 list for fastest growing firms in the United States.

How To Easily Setup and Manage A Small Local Business On Craigslist

How can you easily start a small local business through Craigslist? These days it is much easier and more profitable to run your own business rather than having to have to find a job. How can you start?