Johnny Depp & Amber Heard's Attorneys Speak Out About the Verdict (L&C Daily)

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard’s Attorneys Speak Out About the Verdict (L&C Daily)

Recycling – What a Waste

Everything, it seems, is recyclable nowadays. But is it all worth it? Many people think it should be compulsory to sort your papers and plastics from your other rubbish but does the process do more harm than good? The answer? Very debatable.

The Advantages of Stock Control Software for Small Businesses

Stock control is a hard thing for a small business to balance. This guide looks at the advantages of implementing stock control software: how it can save a business time and money, improve customer satisfaction and make their stock control more scalable as they grow.

Austin, Texas Goes Green – Environmentally Friendly Initiatives in Austin

Austin, Texas is a progressive community, leading the way in green building and other environmentally friendly initiatives. Businesses, like web hosting providers, and city-wide sponsors lead the way in getting green. The capital of Texas, Austin leads the green revolution with help from Austin Energy, the local power source, the Environmental Defense Fund, the local university and the federal stimulus program, enacted in 2009, that provides loans, grants and other support to aid developers, builders and entrepreneurs go green and stay green through sound design practices that improve the air residents breathe.

Morning Rituals For Chiropractic Professionals

If there was one differentiating factor that I could definitely identify between a peak performing chiropractor and an average performing chiropractor it would be the ability to stay present and conscious! Being conscious of the present is the difference between adjusting with that “little something extra” which will result in a much higher customer satisfaction.

Cash Free Ideas for Small Businesses to Beat Competition

Competition for customers in most industries is extremely intense. This is exacerbated if the customer is a large one and your product is not particularly unique or patent protected. Your customers are also in a high pitched battle with their competitors. This can be seen in your everyday life. Look at the competition in cars, retail stores, food stores, homes, computers, music, etc., for your dollar. This extends into the industrial sector and personal services. Here are some non-cash ideas to help your small business better compete.