Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Almost Run Into Each Other in Court

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Almost Run Into Each Other in Court

Crystal and Glass Awards to Jazz Up Your Event

What does a generic item say about your organization, as opposed to a well-crafted, personalized glass or crystal item? The former can indicate a lack of effort, a sort of laziness in choosing the item, and brings into question the level of appreciation that is being felt and acknowledged.

How to Stay Motivated

Motivation is a hot topic these days. There are countless books, audio, videos, seminars and coaches that all offer the latest strategies in getting you to be laser focused allowing you to achieve your goals. Let’s face it – staying motivated isn’t always easy even after implementing the latest and greatest strategy heralded by an Anthony Robbins type motivational guru. I have tried it all – some with success and some without. The results I did I get never lasted and I would begin searching for the next and best quick fix to my problem.

A Look at Direct Mail and Online Marketing for Small Business Marketing

This article discusses the use of direct mail marketing and online marketing to promote a business. Direct mail is still effective at reaching a local audience. Online marketing has a greater reach. Combining the two has great effect for growing a business.

Using an Earn Out to Increase the Sales Price of Your Business

When selling a company, there is risk for the both the buyer and the seller, using a earn earn out can balance the risk and reward the seller for a fast growing company. The earn out might be the ideal tool for selling your business.

Building A Website Referral Program For Your Small Business

Each growing business will eventually come to the point where they understand how important a website referral program will be to their bottom line. At that time, the decision may come down to whether you want your own IT team managing the website element of your referral program, or whether you want to use an outside source, software or service to fill this need.