Johnny Depp Allegedly Attacked Amber Heard From Behind

Johnny Depp Allegedly Attacked Amber Heard From Behind

The State of the Union Worker

It was interesting to read the headline in a recent Express News entitled “Guenther strike is off but workers not back”. This is referring to a 21 month old strike by the Teamsters Local 657 of the Pioneer Flour Mill in San Antonio, Texas. The article mentioned that the average worker earned $14 per hour so by my estimate each striking worker lost just over $50,000 in lost wages, which does not include a loss of medical insurance and retirement savings increases. In the final analysis, most of the 90 or so striking workers have already lost their jobs and will have to go somewhere else to find a replacement position and start over with no seniority and probably fewer benefits. The State of Texas has “Right to Work” laws so most, if not all, of the striking workers were replaced by new non union workers.

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