Jeffrey Epstein Survivor Felt 'Liberated' Seeing Ghislaine Maxwell in Chains

Jeffrey Epstein Survivor Felt ‘Liberated’ Seeing Ghislaine Maxwell in Chains

Get the Right ‘Likes’: How Roost Could Give Your Small Business a Boost

A new Facebook tool called the Roost Local Scorecard allows small businesses (SMBs) and independent contractors to track their impact on the local level. Small business owners could now measure how well they’re doing with their target market, and at the same time strategize on strengthening their business and relationship with their clients. The tool is developed by Roost, a social media company that aims to help small businesses to maximize their online presence, and to cultivate a better bond with customers.

Does a Buy Sell Agreement Make Sense?

If you are one of several owners in a corporation or in a limited liability company, one good idea is to use a buy sell agreement. A buy sell agreement will allow your interest to be bought out by other owners in the business in the event that you die or are incapacitated or retire. Many times in a closely held business, it is difficult to sell the shares of one of the owners absent selling it to the other owners. It is also difficult to determine what the value of such shares is, especially if you are no longer here to help determine what the value is.

Small Business Hiring and Recruitment Advantage

How can small business compete in hiring? One of the great things about doing business in this modern age is that new technology can give the little guy the advantage over the big guy. David doesn’t need a sling-shot to beat Goliath anymore; he now has a computer and a handful of useful software.

Preparing Your Business for Sale

These days I hear from many entrepreneurs and owners of family businesses who are thinking about selling their businesses. Some are selling due to health issues. Some have to sell as the owner has passed away. Many business owners tell me that they are thinking of selling because running that business is just not any fun anymore. Others are ready to retire and live the good life.

Tips To Increase Sales by Dumbing Down Your Products

Sometimes increasing sales is not about adding features and increasing prices. But actually giving the customers what they want which can include dumbing down your products to fit them.