'It's Hard to Take Amber Heard's Sister Seriously,' Legal Analyst Says

‘It’s Hard to Take Amber Heard’s Sister Seriously,’ Legal Analyst Says

AMEX Excludes Franchises From Small Business Saturday

“With every dollar we spend, we cast a vote.” My economics teacher used to repeat this whenever the question of spending came up. If only it really were that simple.

How Can Pre-Suit Mediation Help My Business

In order to recognize how pre-suit mediation can benefit your small business, you must also understand mediation in the context of a civil lawsuit.   Using Florida as an example, unless excused by the Court, mediation is usually required in all civil lawsuits. Therefore, if you are involved in a civil lawsuit there is a good chance that you will mediate all or part of it at some point.

Credit Card Fraud – A Concern for Small Businesses

Credit card fraud is a major problem in the U.S., particularly for small businesses. Learn the statistics and ways to protect yourself here.

Things to Bear in Mind Before Choosing Any Transcription Company

In transcription, conversion of audio or video files into text takes place. The audio or video file is played and the words heard are typed. Most transcription companies are web-based and do not have a physical presence as transcription does not necessitate much specialized machinery; it can easily be done from home.

Why Use Ep Additives For Metalworking Fluid Systems

When metalworking fluid suppliers discuss “EP metalworking systems”, or extreme pressure additive containing systems, the type and formulation basis for these systems can be as wide and varied as the applications that they are found in. The term “extreme pressure” classically refers to the property of lubricants which impart to rubbing surfaces the ability of carrying appreciably greater loads than would be possible with ordinary lubricants without excessive wear or damage. How a formulator is able to produce such system properties is entirely dependent on the type and combination of EP additives selected for the system.