Injured? Your Team at Isaacs & Isaacs is Ready to Fight For You!

Injured? Your Team at Isaacs & Isaacs is Ready to Fight For You!

Claim For Manual Handling Injuries At the Workplace And Off Site Workplace

Injuries and accidents at work due to manual handling in any company or sector are inevitable and hence it is the duty of the employer to abide by the rules related to manual handling activities in the workplace. Rules and regulations related to the injuries due to manual handling are to be taken care of properly as these may cause damage to one of the important parts of the body which is the back.

A Brief Note On Accidents At Work

If an accident takes place at work and it is was caused due to the negligence of employer or a co-worker, the injured person is eligible for compensation. As injuries differ based on the workplace and type of job, there are a number of injuries that one can yield to.

Do I Need To Be Off Work To File An Injury Claim?

Personal injury compensation can be claimed for various injuries and accidents at work. It is not required that you should be off work or hospitalised due to injury to make a claim for compensation.

Am I Eligible For Injury Claims If Not Been Provided With Gloves At Work

An injury claim can be made if you have been injured due to an accident at work. There are various ways in which an employee can get injured at work. One of the main reasons being, negligence of employer to provide a safe environment and second being, failing to provide safety and protective equipment that can keep the employee free from obvious injuries.

Loss of Earnings Claim and Sick Pay

When it comes to claiming compensation because of an injury caused at work, the process is fairly straightforward. This claim can cover the financial losses incurred and anything else damaged as a result of the accident.