Injured in a Wreck? There's a LOT at Stake...

Injured in a Wreck? There’s a LOT at Stake…

Defective Balloon Catheters

Each year many people all across the country suffer heart attacks or chest pains. For these people, nothing could be scarier or worse, and prompt medical attention is critical to having a positive outcome. One of the main things done when seeking emergency medical treatment for heart related symptoms is to determine if there is a blockage that is causing the problem. If a blockage is causing the problem, many times a specific type of surgical procedure known as an angioplasty is done in order to open up the blocked vessel and restore normal blood flow to the heart.

Has Your Child Been Injured Because Of A Defective Vapor Patch?

Vapor patches are one of those items that seem to have revolutionized the way parents are able to care for their sick children. Any parent who has been up all night with a child that is congested, feeling miserable, and exhibiting a bunch of unpleasant symptoms knows just how important it is to provide relief. No one wants to see their child suffering, even with a cold, and everyone benefits when the child is able to get some rest and feel more comfortable.

Choosing the Right Lawyer If You Are in a Car Accident

When you are hurt in a car accident, regardless of how it happened, there are certain things that you need to make sure you do to get past the injury and back onto the road to a healthy recovery. If you choose the wrong lawyer, then your claim may be a lot less likely to be approved and you will be more likely to lose your case.

When Personal Injury Becomes Personal

Any time injury strikes, a ripple effect can mean anything from taking a day off from work to being laid up for extended periods, permanent injury, catastrophic loss of income and a host of other outcomes, forever altering the victim’s life and that of their family. An injury can happen anywhere, at home, work, dining out, the operating table, or on vacation, just to name a few. While each circumstance offers different challenges, one common question arises.

The Mediation Process

Cases pending in the civil courts are almost always ordered to mediation before going to trial. That is because judges know that mediation presents the best chance for the parties to resolve their dispute and move the case off their already crowded dockets. Statistically speaking, legal disputes settle without ever going to trial.