In a Car Wreck? Avoid Insurance Company Games!

In a Car Wreck? Avoid Insurance Company Games!

Fatal Flaws That Can Lead to Wrongful Death During Childbirth

The day when a baby is born is one of the happiest moments in the lives of parents. However, despite the advancements in medicine, dozens of newborns and mothers die every year and many of these deaths are due to the failure of healthcare professionals to administer the proper care during labor. A lost life, be it of the baby or the mother, cannot be recovered, but this does not mean that the aggrieved family members cannot hold the responsible parties accountable. To help you understand this better, here are some of the common fatal flaws that happen during labor and from which a wrongful death attorney can build a case on.

Former Presidential Candidate John Edwards to Return to Personal Injury Law

Former Democratic North Carolina Senator and presidential candidate John Edwards confirmed last week that he is returning to personal injury law and will establish a brand new law firm with his eldest daughter, Cate. After exiting politics, Edwards has since worked on Wall Street and established a Louisiana Home Rescue Fund. His practice will be located in his home state of North Carolina in Raleigh and in Washington, D.

Good Criteria in Selecting Professional Solicitors Who Are Successful

In times of dire legal services, it is best to seek professional solicitors who are reliable and established in the market with a proven track record on successful cases. There may be a plethora of solicitors in the market but not all are capable of a definite win on every one of their cases.

When Is a Personal Injury Claim Worth Pursuing?

Simply being alive creates numerous opportunities for people to be injured. An individual could literally be doing nothing more than enjoying a cup of iced coffee at their favorite restaurant and become injured (ie. falling ceiling tile, server spills hot coffee). Whenever a person is injured due to another’s negligence, they have the right to sue for damages. Sadly, many people never do so simply because they don’t know whether their case is worth pursuing or not. In reality, there are a few simple things that every accident victim could consider before brushing off the chance of filing a claim.

After an Accident: What to Expect From a Chiropractor

You may not be aware of it, but chiropractic malpractice is something that you can sue over. Chiropractors, while they are licensed and regulated in much the same fashion as any other medical practitioner, practice a form of medicine that is not universally accepted as being beneficial. In fact, many people believe that chiropractic treatments in and of themselves are dangerous. There are cases that back this up.