‘I’m Sad I Lost This Case’: Amber Heard Statement Calls Verdict a ‘Setback’ for Women

‘I’m Sad I Lost This Case’: Amber Heard Statement Calls Verdict a ‘Setback’ for Women

Annual Government Filings and Minutes – Corporate Maintenance and Compliance

Many new business owners are unaware of the important obligations that must be upheld AFTER they have formed a new business entity. All too often there are accounts of entrepreneurs starting a business, incorporating that business, then failing to comply with various government imposed formalities and filings. There are many ongoing government requirements that small business owners need to comply with, namely: annual government reports/returns and fees, notice of a name change, notices of change of registered office, directors and in certain jurisdictions, their shareholders. These forms are different than tax related forms such as tax returns, GST/PST filings and payroll deductions.

Green Shopping Bags for Sustainable Business

For many years, people believed that it is just normal to abuse natural resources for as long as you earn big profits believing that is the cost that we have to pay for acquiring wealth. But our generation has proven that we can prosper in our business ventures today and meet the needs of the consumers at the present without ruining our environment for the survival of future generation.

Why Should or Shouldn’t You Get Janitorial Services?

Different businesses have different requirements when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of their establishment. If you have a building with office spaces for rent, then you need to provide your tenants with free janitorial services, and hospital owners need to make sure that your hospital will be kept clean every time.

Just What Is A Virtual Assistant?

Just what is a virtual assistant? You may have heard the term here and there or you might already know someone who works as one. Or you might be one yourself, in which case, I hope you’ve already got a fair idea! But although virtual assistance is a fast growing industry, it is a relatively new one and the term is still fairly unknown outside the online business industry.

Government Contracting Tips: Importance of Reviewing Your CCR Registration

In order for a business to continue bidding on government contracts, their CCR registration must be up to date and filled out correctly. There are many ways that a company’s CCR information could change throughout the year and we are going to go through them so that you are well informed on how to update your information and continue bidding on government contracts.