"If It's Adderall Junkie Johnny, He's Abusive & Mean" Audio Recording of Amber Heard

“If It’s Adderall Junkie Johnny, He’s Abusive & Mean” Audio Recording of Amber Heard

Selling Receivables for Small Businesses: Is It Right For You?

You need cash. You just landed the big account you’ve been working on, but don’t have the funds needed to complete the service promised in the first place. Maybe you have payroll due in the next few days and are still awaiting payments from your customers. Regardless of the context, one thing is for certain: you’re strapped for cash and the banks are refusing to give your business a loan. What can you do? In such circumstances, more and more small businesses are considering selling receivables to solve their cash-flow woes. While certainly effective, it must be noted that this service does indeed come at a price. If not used properly, it can lead to a pretty sticky mess for you and your small business. Start considering how selling receivables can help your business but also, how to do it wisely and efficiently.

Collection Call Script: Prepare Yourself to Get Paid

When you have a customer who hasn’t paid you and you want your money (who doesn’t?), one of the most effective things you can do is get on the phone and call them. Although calls are certainly more intrusive than letters, they are much more direct and can help you get closer to your goal. Think about it: letters are easy to push to the side, to “get to later”, but a collection call adds urgency and immediacy to the situation. When you are itching to get paid, give them a call. However, be wise in how you approach them. The best way to be successful is to prepare. A collection call script is the key to make sure your call goes just as you need.

Create A Marketing Plan for Your Cleaning Business: Public Relations and Business Networking

Cleaning business owners in today’s competitive environment must have a well-rounded and comprehensive marketing plan that consists of a variety of components all working in tandem. No one magic bullet will bring you all the prospective clients you need and some methods work for short term gains, while others are more of a long term strategy. But here’s the truth: To build and sustain a successful cleaning business for yourself and your family, you’ll need to develop and implement consistently -even when you’re doing well and have all…

How You Can Be Certain Your Property Is in Good Condition Before You Buy?

If you are looking at buying a property then of course it’s highly important that you first ensure it is in the best possible condition and that it isn’t going to end up costing you money or providing to be a risk to your health and happiness. This is one of the biggest purchases you are ever likely to make if not the biggest purchase you will ever make and so it’s highly important that you take the time to ensure it is a good one. Here we will look at some ways to accomplish this.

Establishing the Right Pricing Strategy For Your Small Business

In today’s tough economy, your pricing strategy can be everything. It can be the difference between striving and falling flat, between soaring and completely crashing, between being the next big thing or next big flop. Price too high, and no one will buy. Price to low, and well, you will loose money with each go. With all rhyming aside, your pricing strategy can have a major impact not only on the profitability of your business, but also on how people perceive your goods or services. While pricing alone doesn’t drive sales, it certainly plays a key role in the process