I Was Triggered Seeing Amber Heard Yelling at Johnny Depp: Witness

I Was Triggered Seeing Amber Heard Yelling at Johnny Depp: Witness

Negotiating a Commercial Lease Part 5

This is the last installment about Negotiating a Commercial Lease. In this article we discuss Tenant Improvements.

Marketing During a Recession – Why You Need to Do It

Marketing in a recession is now more important than ever, and for the simple reason that without effective marketing, a business stops dead. Marketing is the fuel that drives your business, and when the fuel tank is empty, movement stops. Here’s how to get moving again.

Owning a Rental Store With Propane Refills and Other Equipments

If you are planning to start with a small business, then the rental store can be one of the best choices for you, because you can have good earnings just by supplying products for a party or home based use. For example, if someone is arranging a party, they might want to rent the tables, chairs, carpets, air conditioners and other party supply goods from you, so you can provide them these supplies within a rent and the more you keep providing supplies, you keep earning money through the rent. Through your rental store business, you can provide all the…

Small Business Problems 101 – How to Turn Small Business PROBLEMS Into SMALL Business Problems

Small business owners are in a unique position. Not only are they the owner of a small business, very often they ARE the small business. Personal and professional are the same. The dividing line between where your small business stops and your personal life starts is hard to find (if it can be found at all). Values dictate your results in both, and are the foundation to success in both as well.

See Why Small Businesses Need to Use Social Media Like Twitter or Facebook

Nowadays, everyone is communicating through the internet. Social media is growing and is used by millions of people everyday. If you are a small business, you need to communicate with your current and potential clients. Social media, like Facebook and Twitter are a great way to do this. Your competitors are doing this, so just to stay equal with them, you need to at least get a Twitter and a Facebook account.