'I See Two Black Eyes, a Swollen Lip, and Nose,' Amber Heard's Friend Emotionally Says

‘I See Two Black Eyes, a Swollen Lip, and Nose,’ Amber Heard’s Friend Emotionally Says

What Is a GSA Schedule, and Who Is Making Money?

What is a GSA Schedule? Is it worth it to be on one? Is my competition profiting from a GSA Schedule?

Professional Transportation Matching Up With Logistics Requirement

When it comes to transportation there are several means of transportation making the entire process hassle-free and easy. However, transporting yachts, ships and boats are not common for all but the ones from marine industry deal with it every day. All across the globe, maritime transportation have always been important and has turned out to be beneficial for all.

Brain Storming and Business Start-Ups

Back in the late sixties and early seventies ‘Brainstorming’ was the management tool of choice by all go-ahead managers like myself, but like so many trendy management tools it had its day in the sunlight, then it faded away never to be seen again. It was a creature of its times, times barely twenty years after a shattering world war when society still valued consistency and loyalty above all else. That’s what the sixties was all about, shrugging off the dead hand of convention and embracing anything that was new.

Fun Additions to Office Decor

Workplaces are earlier considered to be dull and boring, but don’t you think, adding a dash of color to it will make great difference in the energy levels? If a workplace becomes appealing and inviting, the connection that employees build will with that workplace is far stronger than a traditional one. Now-a-days, offices are breaking the traditional norms of design and aesthetics and concentrating on building offices that employees find comfortable, creative yet productive.

Reducing Same Day Shipping Costs

When working with a specialty same-day delivery carrier, an upgrade in service doesn’t mean an upgrade in price. Local companies provide delivery solutions and price alternatives that outstrip traditional LTL carriers in both speed and cost. In transportation, as with all other business expenditure, it pays to be informed.