"I saw no visible injuries on Amber Heard" Police Officer Testifies

“I saw no visible injuries on Amber Heard” Police Officer Testifies

Negotiating Made “Easy”

We are entangled in negotiations every day of our lives. It may be while we are driving a car or at home with the family or in our businesses. Like it or not, negotiation is a big part of our lives.

Planning an Office When You Do Not Receive Customers

Overspending, and incorrectly allocating your money on your office layout and furniture can often prove an easy thing to do. And since most small service type businesses have limited funds available, it is often very important that those funds are properly allocated. In either case offices often prove to be the face of your business, and how you spend your money could easily create a great, or bad image for your business in the minds of your customers.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Calendar Company

Calendar services are being used by many people around the world even after the introduction of technical gadgets. If you are a business man we would like to tell you that calendars are a great source of marketing for your business.

Starting a Bulk Candy Route

Small business owners are always looking for new ways of developing another stream of income. Here’s an article all about the pros and cons of starting up a vending machine business using gumball machines and bulk candy dispensers.

How a Small Therapy Practice Can Benefit From Working With a Virtual PA

A Virtual PA understands that therapists and independent practices have many balls to juggle. As well as the core responsibility of treating patients, the daily task of liaising with MDT members, case managers, solicitors, NHS therapists, family and carers, schools and specialist equipment suppliers, all of these tasks can eat into you time.