I Have Chip!

I Have Chip!

Different Application Areas of Ultrasonic Cleaners

An ultrasonic cleaner makes use of ultrasound to clean a variety of items made of different materials. These cleaners work by producing high energy micro bubbles in a cleaning solvent that erase various contaminants from the items being cleaned. Metals, glass, rubber, plastic, ceramics and many other materials can be cleaned using these devices.

Small Business Tip: Get Off the Bandwagon

How can your business stand out from the crowd? To be successful as a small business owner don’t get on the bandwagon late, be an early adopter of whatever is coming next! Here are some tips on how to get OFF the bandwagon and make plans to stay ahead of the game.

Increase Your Company’s Cash Flow – Part 3

In this economy, businesses need to get more efficient and creative about ways to pump up their cash flow. Here are some suggestions to help you get inspired to think of new ways to improve your bottom line. The first ideas were presented in Parts 1 and 2. Now for some more in the final installation of this series:

Is It Time to Add a Platinum Program to Your Business?

I suspect it is. Even if you are a newer business, once you have your free pieces in place and have your Signature System, you can offer a high end program. You can run this as a group program or you can simply create a program for individuals.

How to Write a Book for Your Small Business and Publish It On Your Website

One of the first marketing campaigns I did was write 2 books for my small business. I added them as give-aways on my small business websites. The books were a huge success in attracting new clients to my business. Discover how to write a book to promote your small business here.