'I Couldn't Believe He Wanted To Talk About Feces': Amber Heard Testifies in Court

‘I Couldn’t Believe He Wanted To Talk About Feces’: Amber Heard Testifies in Court

Proper Metal Finishing for Your Projects

Are you working on a project that involves aluminum tubes and details? Even if it’s something with a 100% engineering purpose – e.g. you don’t care that much about the visuals – you should still pay at least a little attention to the aesthetic aspect of your project.

Delegation May Be the Key

One thing that I have learned is that delegation can be one of the keys to success. I understand this logically but I do not always follow my own advice. Yes I believe delegation is a key to success but can be very difficult to do. No matter how difficult at first, it will pay large dividends in the long run.

Tips – Everyone’s Going Digital – Really?

While another long-standing print magazine ceases print production after 80 years, and more social media managers enter the scene every day, it can be tempting to draw the conclusion that having an online digital presence for your content and your marketing is the ONLY way to go. Maybe, for some companies and some situations, yes, that could be true.

Top Local Gold And Silver Buyers

It seems like every day, there is another little shop in a nearby neighborhood advertising that they buy gold. But how do you know if a local gold buyer is the right choice for your needs?

Why Surveys Are a Great Tool to Help Your Spa Business Grow

Great salons and spas give their clients exactly what they need. To find out what your clients need, you have to get the inside scoop on them.