How Cults Prey on Vulnerable College Students (Brian Ross Investigates)

How Cults Prey on Vulnerable College Students (Brian Ross Investigates)

Opportunity Knocking

Air duct cleaning represents an excellent opportunity as an add-on business for many types of contractors. You can better serve your existing customers, bring in new customers and add a new revenue stream.

How To Get More Clients: Five Reasons Why Publishing Quality Content Online Will Grow Your Business

Would you like to get more clients? I bet the answer is yes. The problem, though, is how to make it happen! Growing a business can be hard work, and as a result, you may not have the time and energy to take advantage of all the ways you can boost your success. Read on to find out five reasons why publishing high quality content online (and offline!) should be at the top of your marketing priority list, and how it can help you get more clients.

Calculating the Actual Hourly Cost of Labor

Labor costs constitute a significant portion of the Direct Costs associated with business operations. When estimating or quoting a price to a customer, knowing the Effective Labor Rate, which is the actual labor cost per utilized hour, is essential for determining the labor costs and time required to complete the project or job. In addition to verifying what a utilized hour truly costs, the Effective Labor Rate also serves as the labor basis of the Man Hour Rate.

Booklet Tips – Emotional Vs Pragmatic

Designing your tips booklet has many more possibilities than ever before. Advances in technology have made things more affordable while also introducing more options. There are still things to consider to be sure your choices fall within the realm of your buyers’ budgets, even if you can afford it.

What Is The Medical Marijuana Industry Supposed To Do At Tax Time Since Their Crop Is Illegal?

Because marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, business owners in 23 U.S. states where medical marijuana is legal face discrimination at tax time. Before any of these business owners files a tax return they need to be aware of the power that anti-marijuana IRS auditors hold over their financial future. Federal Tax Court has denied deductions on everything from store rent to marijuana purchased for resale to patients in the state-approved medical marijuana industry. The IRS does this by combining the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 together with IRS Code Section 280E. This allows them to grab huge sums of money from state-legal small business owners.